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Born and raised in a small rural town near Quebec City, I was immersed in the French Canadian hospitality industry from a very early age.   Hospitable for everyone, regardless of age, gender, religion and sexual orientation.  My parents owned and operated the local Hotel and Bar in my hometown. Dining room and Bar service came naturally to me, my parents instilling in me the value of striving to exceed the expectations of our guests and patrons.

After graduating high school, my path led me to Quebec City, where I attended one of Quebec’s reputable Hospitality College to develop my skills in fine dining service, bar service, oenology and haute cuisine. After graduating in the top three of my class, I began my exciting new career in one of Quebec City’s Italian restaurants chain, and soon was promoted to headwaiter.

Although I love Quebec City, a simple dream of learning English eventually sent me on a new path. I moved to Vancouver in 1993, where my passion for the hospitality industry led to an exciting opportunity as an Onboard Attendant for The Rocky Mountaineer Railtours where I work for 5 years.  I have since traded wheels for wings, working for Air Canada as a Flight Service Director, a position I proudly occupy to this day.  I am currently based in Toronto and keep residence in both  cities.

Air Canada' s flexible schedules allowed me to launch a special event production company in 2000. As Executive Producer and Partnership Director for TBB Productions Inc, I planned, promoted and produced  over 40 large scale private and community events. In the dynamic and rapidly growing event industry, I developed expertise in various areas of event marketing, sponsorship, advertising & promotion, graphic and web design, budgeting, staffing, technical direction and site design. Project Management and Fundraising is what I specialized in.

After 8 years, TBB Productions needed a new direction, leading to sell the company that grew from a small, unknown party-planning business to one of Vancouver’s leading producers of events for the gay community.  Thinking I was going to have a lot more time for myself, one after the other offer to organize fundraising, corporate and private events were being place in my path.  They all offer me an opportunity to do something I like very much, entertaining.  That's all I needed to get back to work. I established Michel Nadeau, Event Planning and Productions.

Drawing on decades of experience in the hospitality and event production industry, and leveraging a vast network of highly qualified industry professionals, I can produce events of any scope or size. Implementing elements such as themes and stage show components, I can create a unique event experience for each of my clients, making the most of local labor and talent to maximize value, regardless of budget.

After a few years on hiatus, I am very excited and pleased to be again involved in the local productions of events.   Along with new and former local partners, I re-branded my event business  under a new banner: MN Events.ca.      MN events  is the  producer of RUFFparty and HARNESSparty with events in Vancouver - Seattle - Victoria

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