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TBB Productions Inc.

TBB was co-founded in 2000 by  Michel Nadeau and Randy Palmer.  The company has evolved over 8 years producing 40+ events and establishing two annual, world-class Dance events in Vancouver: 

TBB had positioned itself as one of the leading Gay Productions companies in Vancouver, producing safe, legal, innovative and entertaining events.  TBB operated with pride, dedication and professionalism while striving to make a difference in our community .  TBB always acquired all necessary permits required by the various governmental bodies overseeing such events.

Over 8 years TBB  raised and donated $82,500 in cash and $26,000 in kind benefiting approximately 20 various non-profit organizations as part of our commitment to the well-being of our community.  These various non-profit groups includes but are not limited to:  A Loving Spoonful, the Vancouver Pride Society, YouthCO Aids Society, The Cutting Edges -Gay Men's Hockey Club, Friends For Life Society and many more.

TBB was the leader in Gay event productions during the weekend of Pride Vancouver since the summer of 2000. The events grow from 1700 tickets sold in 2000 in the lower level of the architectural Vancouver Public Library to over 4000 tickets in 2004 at the fabulous Commodore Ballroom.  TBB was also the producer of the largest Gay New Year's Eve event in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada .

After 8 years, TBB Productions needed a new direction, leading to sell the rights to Rapture Pride Vancouver®, that grew from a small, unknown party-planning business to one of Vancouver’s leading producers of events for the gay community.

Since then TFD Presents, a Vancouver base company owned by Tommy D and Anna T-Fabulous; has successfully carry the torch.

The success of TBB Productions over the years was base on the hard work of a large team of various industry professionals, too many to name them. The dedications of our hard working volunteers who kept coming back years after years made it all possible.

TBB Productions closed for business in 2007 and the  rights to Rapture Pride Vancouver were passed to TFD Presents.

Michel Nadeau
Co-Founder, Executive Producer & Sponsorship Director
TBB Productions Inc. 2000-2007